Cricut Circle

Heck yeah I caved in.  I was just about getting ready to push the DEL button on the email.  Nah, I have collected enough cartridges already.  But then….realized that Provo Craft stepped out and was giving me what I have been begging for.  Not that I could resist the French Manor cartridge (and the other three undisclosed cartridges).  The promise of a publication just for US.  The addicted.  The proud.  The Cricut people.  I have been begging for this.  I have purchased other people’s  e-books.  Now I can get it directly from the source.  The very thought that I couldn’t get a cartridge–even if I wanted it–was disturbing.   Pushing the DEL button would have been just as easy as pushing the SEND button, but nearly as much fun.

Expect new inspiration!!!!


autumn begets winter

oh…. how I especially love this time of year.  My mind is very creative, but my productivity is low.  I need to kick it into gear.  If you want to send me an inspirational papercrafted project to put on my blog, I will gift you something from my hobby room which is in much need of purging. (example:  free plates for the cuttlebug, stamps, stickers, paper, etc, etc)  I am coming out of retirement!!!!