resolutions and excuses~a good crafty start for 2011

just messy 2010

the cat did it

When all else fails…blame the cat. I would like to say that this picture was taken before I cleaned up my scraproom. Truth be told, this picture was taken mid-year 2010 during one of many scrappy overhauls. I sometimes feel like Oscar the Grouch in my craft can. I mean…I love my mess…..seriously! I love every piece of papar, craft punch, cricut cartridge, new-fangled toy, brad, rhinestone, rubberstamp and ink stain. I just don’t get to enjoy the crafts as often as I would like to. Without any further excuses (I shall save those until next year)….I would like to offer up my lofty ambitions for my craft can:
~I will (sometime during 2011) have this room cleaned
~I will donate (more) of my perfectly good, but unused precious difficult to part with (but oft neglected) possessions to charity
~I will make at least ONE Valentine this year (maybe I should start now)
~I will update my Gypsy to my Mac
~Christmas album (print pictures first)
~enter one contest
~win ONE drawing (it would be soooo nice)
~do at least one online giveaway from this blog
~encourage other crafters (this is the easy part)

I think I can, I think I can!!!


Cricut Circle

Heck yeah I caved in.  I was just about getting ready to push the DEL button on the email.  Nah, I have collected enough cartridges already.  But then….realized that Provo Craft stepped out and was giving me what I have been begging for.  Not that I could resist the French Manor cartridge (and the other three undisclosed cartridges).  The promise of a publication just for US.  The addicted.  The proud.  The Cricut people.  I have been begging for this.  I have purchased other people’s  e-books.  Now I can get it directly from the source.  The very thought that I couldn’t get a cartridge–even if I wanted it–was disturbing.   Pushing the DEL button would have been just as easy as pushing the SEND button, but nearly as much fun.

Expect new inspiration!!!!

how much Fiskars stuff is “too much”?


and as I dig in deeper, I find more.

not every day is a scrappy day


For a variety of reasons, I haven’t felt very scrappy. I am getting in the mood though with the September contests going on over at Just Scrappin

I am super excited because I ordered a cookbook (autographed!) from Southern Plate. Christy Johnson was nice enough to autograph this gift for my husband. All week long she is featuring apple recipes. YUM! I submitted my all-time favorite: Raw Apple Cake with Whiskey Frosting for a chance to win one of her cookbooks (another one would always make a great gift!)

that is all