cricut prototype project

secret squirrel

This is the beginning of what is going to be a sign. I had some problems early on with the squirrel~which is from the Cricut Cartridge “Give A Hoot”. It took me some time to think thru the layering. Sorted out my colors and attached them to the mat without problem. I didn’t, however, have the correct pressure set on the blade. Instead of cutting the squirrel again, I decided to hand cut around the lines that were made on the paper. For the jeep, I increased the blade depth and pressure to maximum and it cut perfectly.
Moving in the right direction! I am not afraid! Definitely—next time I will just re-cut the paper on my Cricut using the correct blade and depth settings~its so worth it and NOT worth my time hand-cutting. What is the Cricut for?
Doing the hard stuff!
Why the squirrel in the jeep? Because I am making a sign for the yard…for my DH’s birthday. I call him secret squirrel because he picks things up and moves them and I can’t find them. More on this project later.
oh..and I am so excited to be entering in a post-CHA random drawing for a free cartridge from Provo Craft.


far out, way cool, neato site—go check it out and VOTE

so many nifty giveaways it feels like Christmas

This is really thrilling.  I love surprises, giving and receiving gifts.  I am strill very enchanted with the weeklong giveaway at   You can read about the fantabulous prizes in my previous post.  Wow…she went all out with her sponsors.  Please do read about it on her site!



So, in my completely uneducated state of blog building, I made some changes in the “dashboard”.  Good Lord whatever that is.  You knever know until you try—just put your hands in it and get dirty!!

While in my travels on this vast internet, I found this giveaway on Tomato Creek Prims —> The artwork is very pretty and the photography is vibrant.  A good read.  The drawing for the above artwork ends on Thursday August 28 at 10 PM Eastern time.

On a smaller scale, I will  be announcing some blog candy nexty week, so keep tuned in.

be well

do good