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I am a Creative Consultant for Amuse Studio {think along the lines of hobbiest as opposed to careerist}. What does that mean for you? That means that at all times, a friends and family discount will apply to any purchase you make through me. You can visit my website for the catalog and darling projects….but please, if you want a better deal (hostess gifts and specials) contact me directly with your order. I never saw running with scissors, sniffing glue and playing with paper as the theme of my golden years.
Casey Toney
Consultant #1409 Amuse Studio


Card Class

card class

I’ve never done a color challenge! Care to join me? Click on the above picture!

unusually unusual ~ Cricut Circle Challenge

I can hardly believe it myself! Having been a little undecided about whether to continue my membership in the Cricut Circle, I came upon a challenge that really appealed to me! The Cricut Circle Blog is what really clinches it for me. The challenge? A Tic Tac Toe type set of prompts~you can pick and choose what types of elements are on the page, and use a least two Cricut cuts and carts. And……the prize…is…..the newwwww……..E2. Yes…I want one…..but I want to WIN one..having a lighted guide when loading the paper…..would be so very exciting.

what the blog do I know?

I wish I could put together a blog as well as I can read one.

resolutions and excuses~a good crafty start for 2011

just messy 2010

the cat did it

When all else fails…blame the cat. I would like to say that this picture was taken before I cleaned up my scraproom. Truth be told, this picture was taken mid-year 2010 during one of many scrappy overhauls. I sometimes feel like Oscar the Grouch in my craft can. I mean…I love my mess…..seriously! I love every piece of papar, craft punch, cricut cartridge, new-fangled toy, brad, rhinestone, rubberstamp and ink stain. I just don’t get to enjoy the crafts as often as I would like to. Without any further excuses (I shall save those until next year)….I would like to offer up my lofty ambitions for my craft can:
~I will (sometime during 2011) have this room cleaned
~I will donate (more) of my perfectly good, but unused precious difficult to part with (but oft neglected) possessions to charity
~I will make at least ONE Valentine this year (maybe I should start now)
~I will update my Gypsy to my Mac
~Christmas album (print pictures first)
~enter one contest
~win ONE drawing (it would be soooo nice)
~do at least one online giveaway from this blog
~encourage other crafters (this is the easy part)

I think I can, I think I can!!!

in a bind

Getting so energized with all these toys…Cricut, Zutter, papers galore!  Working on a birthday present and Brynn is the star of the show!  I’m getting there!

Crafty Sweet Tooth?

oh la la…see all the candyhttp://fussyandfancychallenge.blogspot.com
you MUST MUST stop by her blog and look at all the goodies and blog entries

Approaching Fas

Holidays are approaching fast. Believe you me, I have lots of crafty things in my head. I dream about them. Unfortunately, non of them have come to fruition. Note to self~resolve to follow thru on craft ideas in 2010.
(I have coined a new word: pro-craft-ination)

autumn begets winter

oh…. how I especially love this time of year.  My mind is very creative, but my productivity is low.  I need to kick it into gear.  If you want to send me an inspirational papercrafted project to put on my blog, I will gift you something from my hobby room which is in much need of purging. (example:  free plates for the cuttlebug, stamps, stickers, paper, etc, etc)  I am coming out of retirement!!!!

has it really been that long?

lordy lordy…..

I need to get back in the groove…it has been so long.  I need some encouragement…any one up for a few kind words and a little inspiration?

be well

do good


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