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I am a Creative Consultant for Amuse Studio {think along the lines of hobbiest as opposed to careerist}. What does that mean for you? That means that at all times, a friends and family discount will apply to any purchase you make through me. You can visit my website for the catalog and darling projects….but please, if you want a better deal (hostess gifts and specials) contact me directly with your order. I never saw running with scissors, sniffing glue and playing with paper as the theme of my golden years.
Casey Toney
Consultant #1409 Amuse Studio


Card Class

card class

I’ve never done a color challenge! Care to join me? Click on the above picture!

unusually unusual ~ Cricut Circle Challenge

I can hardly believe it myself! Having been a little undecided about whether to continue my membership in the Cricut Circle, I came upon a challenge that really appealed to me! The Cricut Circle Blog is what really clinches it for me. The challenge? A Tic Tac Toe type set of prompts~you can pick and choose what types of elements are on the page, and use a least two Cricut cuts and carts. And……the prize…is…..the newwwww……..E2. Yes…I want one…..but I want to WIN one..having a lighted guide when loading the paper…..would be so very exciting.

what the blog do I know?

I wish I could put together a blog as well as I can read one.

resolutions and excuses~a good crafty start for 2011

just messy 2010

the cat did it

When all else fails…blame the cat. I would like to say that this picture was taken before I cleaned up my scraproom. Truth be told, this picture was taken mid-year 2010 during one of many scrappy overhauls. I sometimes feel like Oscar the Grouch in my craft can. I mean…I love my mess…..seriously! I love every piece of papar, craft punch, cricut cartridge, new-fangled toy, brad, rhinestone, rubberstamp and ink stain. I just don’t get to enjoy the crafts as often as I would like to. Without any further excuses (I shall save those until next year)….I would like to offer up my lofty ambitions for my craft can:
~I will (sometime during 2011) have this room cleaned
~I will donate (more) of my perfectly good, but unused precious difficult to part with (but oft neglected) possessions to charity
~I will make at least ONE Valentine this year (maybe I should start now)
~I will update my Gypsy to my Mac
~Christmas album (print pictures first)
~enter one contest
~win ONE drawing (it would be soooo nice)
~do at least one online giveaway from this blog
~encourage other crafters (this is the easy part)

I think I can, I think I can!!!

cricut prototype project

secret squirrel

This is the beginning of what is going to be a sign. I had some problems early on with the squirrel~which is from the Cricut Cartridge “Give A Hoot”. It took me some time to think thru the layering. Sorted out my colors and attached them to the mat without problem. I didn’t, however, have the correct pressure set on the blade. Instead of cutting the squirrel again, I decided to hand cut around the lines that were made on the paper. For the jeep, I increased the blade depth and pressure to maximum and it cut perfectly.
Moving in the right direction! I am not afraid! Definitely—next time I will just re-cut the paper on my Cricut using the correct blade and depth settings~its so worth it and NOT worth my time hand-cutting. What is the Cricut for?
Doing the hard stuff!
Why the squirrel in the jeep? Because I am making a sign for the yard…for my DH’s birthday. I call him secret squirrel because he picks things up and moves them and I can’t find them. More on this project later.
oh..and I am so excited to be entering in a post-CHA random drawing for a free cartridge from Provo Craft.

in a bind

Getting so energized with all these toys…Cricut, Zutter, papers galore!  Working on a birthday present and Brynn is the star of the show!  I’m getting there!

Cricut Circle

Heck yeah I caved in.  I was just about getting ready to push the DEL button on the email.  Nah, I have collected enough cartridges already.  But then….realized that Provo Craft stepped out and was giving me what I have been begging for.  Not that I could resist the French Manor cartridge (and the other three undisclosed cartridges).  The promise of a publication just for US.  The addicted.  The proud.  The Cricut people.  I have been begging for this.  I have purchased other people’s  e-books.  Now I can get it directly from the source.  The very thought that I couldn’t get a cartridge–even if I wanted it–was disturbing.   Pushing the DEL button would have been just as easy as pushing the SEND button, but nearly as much fun.

Expect new inspiration!!!!

Crafty Sweet Tooth?

oh la la…see all the candyhttp://fussyandfancychallenge.blogspot.com
you MUST MUST stop by her blog and look at all the goodies and blog entries

Approaching Fas

Holidays are approaching fast. Believe you me, I have lots of crafty things in my head. I dream about them. Unfortunately, non of them have come to fruition. Note to self~resolve to follow thru on craft ideas in 2010.
(I have coined a new word: pro-craft-ination)

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